Asian Development Bank Funds WindPower Scheme And Makes Pakistani Fishermen Very Happy

The Asian Development Bank, composed of 67 member countries and headquartered in the Philippines capital Manilla, is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary of providing loans, technical assistance, grants, and equity investment in the Asia and Pacific region.

To celebrate its 50 years the bank has just released a short film about one of it’s latest investment projects, the newly completed wind farm in Gharo, located in Pakistan’s Sindh Province, the area that is also home to the country’s largest city, Karachi.

The wind farm is one of a series under construction in Pakistan aiming to reduce the country’s serious energy deficit. Forty mammoth wind turbines generate 100 MW of electricity fed to the national grid.

Pakistan aims to achieve a 6% share of renewable energy in its total power mix by 2030.

The new wind farm has certainly helped many in the area. Not only have there been less power outages in Karachi, but there has been the added bonus that the new roads servicing the coastal facility have proved a boon – especially to local fishermen, whose drive to market times have dropped from ten hours to as little as two due to the new infrastructure.

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