Blown Away By Robert Loebel’s Incredible Animation ‘Wind’

When student Robert Loebel completed his graduation film at HAW Hamburg – University of Applied Sciences in 2013, I imagine the Berliner was content with having done an excellent job in making a film that would see him graduate with ease. I doubt he realised, even in his wildest dreams, he would quickly be feted by film lovers across the world, handed praise, gongs and awards at film festivals from Ottawa to Cambridge, or comprehended the impact his film would have on a whole industry – that of wind energy.

Not only did we love it and pass it on link by link from colleague to colleague, it seems we still can’t get enough of this very funny animation, entitled ‘WIND’.

he created a permanently windy world … to show how well people can turn the inhospitable to new found hospitable just by inventive thinking…

The animation was inspired, Loebel suggests, after listening to a professor of architecture discussing his travels across China and the Philippines and noting how people in even the smallest, most under-resourced, and difficult of locations in the world, seem to adapt seamlessly with circumstances that others would think should make the place impossible to live in, be that in high mountains, flood areas, frozen wilds, or sunbaked plateaus. He then created a permanently windy world for his animation to show how well people can turn the inhospitable to new found hospitable just by inventive thinking.

And inventive it was, from seeing contented bar tenders using wind to dispense drinks, barbers using wind to make quick work of hairdressing, even mother’s using the wind to calm their babies.

Floating forward just three years it seems that a quick look at Robert’s website ( suggests that hard work as a student really does pay off in the real world. Among the clients he has now similarly impressed and have used his service’s are Daimler, Nickelodeon, arte, Google, and the Disney Channel.

Seems we have an industry that is loved by many of the most creative and environmentally aware young people on the planet. A quick snippet of his filmed acceptance to a South Korean film festival being enough to see the world may be handing over to people who really think about what really are the best solutions for some of the big global issues – and most importantly they are aided with a few drinks on a nice piece of city centre greenery (see film below).

To the Robert Loebel’s of the world, the youthful and the creative mass of future orientated optimistic citizens … Thank you… you make our industry understand the real reason we need to press forward turning difficulties into solutions.

*and don’t forget to look at what’s flying in the background*

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