Colorado And Wind – The Renaissance of Manufacturing In The USA

Within just 48 hours of the 2016 US Presidential Election and the victory by Donald Trump, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) got into the spirit of the moment and uploaded a short film onto social media highlighting how wind energy is playing its part in ‘creating tens of thousands of well-paying jobs’ across the USA.

The short film, entitled ‘Wind Power: A New Type of American Manufacturing’ shows, through short interviews with those involved, the economic and social impact created by the opening of a series of new Vestas factories in Colorado, a state that has been hit by a loss of manufacturing jobs over the past two decades.

the new US administration may not be as ‘wind happy’ as they may once have been

There has been some concern that the new US administration may not be as ‘wind happy’ as they may once have been, however, the film depicts, in simple tones, exactly why the wind industry is filled with the kind of players the United States wants to get business moving, and with whom they should be doing business.

Simple facts such as 4,000 well-paid people now employed by Vestas in Colorado. People who have a variety of technical and engineering skillsets, including many skills found in the armed services, that are useful in growing a new and future looking industry.

The US election is over. The new Trump administration is about to take its place in guiding the United States over the next four years. This is just the kind of film they need to see if they are serious about wanting to bring back real manufacturing jobs to the USA.

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