Crane Vs Military – Who Won When Terex Took On A German Army Assault Course?

If you are going to use the words ‘all-terrain’ for your vehicle, it’s fairly sure that eventually someone will call you out – and insist you back-up what you’re saying with hard evidence.

Of course, if you are crazy enough to say ‘all-terrain’ for a vehicle that we normally think of as ‘non-all-terrainy’* such as a crane, you will have to find the toughest of places to ‘walk-the-walk’, or ‘drive-the-drive’ as it may be more appropriate to say in this case.

* (yes, this word has just been made up)

And so, when Terex wanted to prove their Demag AC 250-5 all terrain crane really could go over all types of road surface, who do you think they turned to in order to find a proving ground tough enough for the job?

Well, you may be surprised to hear it was the German Army, or to be more specific, their proving grounds on the Grüneberg hill, close to Trier, a place where the military normally test out their latest tanks.

Yes, that’s right, a military proving ground was the ideal place to make every grown crane engineer cry – or smile with delight at a job well done.

a military proving ground was the ideal place to make every grown crane engineer cry …

So, the various test tracks at the site with names such as ‘coarse gravel track’, the ‘articulation track’, and the fascinatingly titled ‘corduroy road’, all normally breakers of military machines, were the locations of a new type of battle … Crane Versus Tank-Busting Terrain.

Could a crane get through where other vehicles fear to tread? And if so, does this mean the wind energy industry can have increased reach with where to place wind turbines?

Having watched the film I’m not sure it’s ‘all-terrain’ in the strictest sense, however, I will gladly take that back when I see one on the top of Mount Everest, but even so, it is definitely a machine for getting to out of the way locations that need some heavy lifting.

We’ll let you watch the film to see whether the crane did as brilliantly as the press release suggested it could. Either way, the Demag AC 250-5 is a great looker, an elegant ride, and it’s 250t muscle-bound capacity has quite a punch for so nimble a machine.

If I could go back to being the eight-year old me, I would have loved to have a toy model of this smooth looking workhorse, climbing up and down the hills in the garden pretending I was doing great and heroic tasks.

Of course, the rest of you, the ones who are not eight years old, will have to deal with using this in the real world, and it looks very much like a gamechanger for those whose only other option was to relocate away from a perfect, but inaccessible, wind turbine site.

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