Ding Dong! Answers Please! You Have Just Seven Rotations To Get This Question From Dong Energy Correct

A survey of 1,000 mothers in 2013 by UK online retailer littlewoods.com came up with possibly one of the most amazing facts to ever enter the realm of human knowledge – the most inquisitive of young children tend to be four-year old girls, who, on average, will ask their mother’s an incredible 390 questions a day!

You’re eyes are not deceiving you, that really did say 390 questions per day. And yes, it did say girls asking mothers. Apparently, it’s mums, not dads, who get picked to answer 82% of the questions posed by infants.

Thankfully for every parent out there, not every child asks the full 390 questions a day, but even so the average figure across under-eleven kids is still an amazing 288 questions every day.

Think about it, that’s a whopping 105,120 questions from one child in a typical year.

And why do we mention this startling trivia gem, and what has it got to do with wind power?

Well, the answer is two-fold, firstly, it shows just what an incredible appetite humans have for acquiring knowledge, for working out how things work, for wanting to understand the world around us and how it relates to our needs. Secondly, it make you realise just how well versed ‘grown-ups’ need to be in making information easy to digest.

they have managed to make aspects of the wind industry understandable to literally everyone … and without a hint of green sentimentality …

And this is where Dong Energy have excelled. In several 30 second films they have managed to make aspects of the wind industry understandable to literally everyone – from the four-year old girl to the 104-year-old great-grandfather – and without a hint of the normal green sentimentality that typically goes with most renewable energy corporate output.

And so, in a very easy-to-understand way a typical film example asks the simple question: How far can you drive in an electric car on the energy from seven rotations of one of their offshore wind turbines?

The answer is slightly impressive, which is always a good thing, and it is not difficult to imagine viewers happy to sit and watch some of the other short animated questions with questions such as:

How much football can you watch on your TV from one rotation of a wind turbine?

How many times can you charge you mobile phone from one rotation?

If there was ever an example of how to effectively get across a difficult message in a simple way, it is these short films.

More please!

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