Facts Machine do a special on wind energy – and some of it is quite funny!

Here’s a question for you. Which is longer, the size of a standard wind turbine blade or the Statue of Liberty?

No, we didn’t know the answer either … and are we talking about the actual distance between the toes and the crown of the statue built by French sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, and modelled on his rather masculine looking mother? Or, are we including the plinth, so generously built from donations from the pocket money pennies of thousands of late 19th century American children?

The face if the Statue of Liberty was based on the face of the sculptors mother

Either way, we found out after Wind.tv happily teamed up with the YouTube channel Fruit and asked them to create, through their ‘Facts Machine’ section, a short film about wind energy.

In their own inimitable style we also discovered that wind certainly has the power to do real good. There is a quick fact about how it saved a young lady’s life in a most unexpected way.

‘wind … saved a young lady’s life in a most unexpected way

Finally, we also discovered the windiest location in the Solar System – but don’t try to place your wind turbines there – they’ll probably get blown away quicker than you can say ‘Blast Off’.


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