Local People Sign Up – Literally – To Amazon’s Wind Farm in North Carolina

In one of those really nice twists of PR genius mixed with good old community spirit, the people of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, close to the home of the so called ‘Amazon Wind Farm’, were recently invited to an open day on the 22,000 acres of rural land being used for the project by Avangrid Renewables.

Nothing too brilliant about that I hear you say.

However, the good folk at Avangrid decided that, as the Wind Farm was to be the first utility-scale wind farm constructed in North Carolina, they would offer out one of their massive 182 ft (55.5m) wind turbine blades on which people could simply sign their names before it was lifted into place to make energy.

The Ustonofski’s seemed to enjoy their bit of legal graffiti – and it will be seen going round and round for years to come

a literal sign from the locals that they think wind power is good

A form of positive graffiti? A work of art? A literal sign from the locals that they think wind power is good? Or just plain old good fun, on a fun open day.

We’ll let you decide, but this certainly shows how a good interaction between the people who live near wind farms and the companies involved in their construction is always a good thing.

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