Scotland’s Salmond Jumping For Joy At 20th Anniversary Of Scottish Renewables

A wonderfully inspiring short film has been created by Scottish Renewables to celebrate the Association’s 20th anniversary.

The film, which chronicles the incredible evolution of the wind industry in Scotland, includes cameo appearances from many of those who were involved in the transformation of the energy industry in the country since 1996.

Among those interviewed for the film were former Scottish Renewables executives including Harry Malyon, Jeremy Sainsbury, Rob Forrest and Jason Ormiston.

Scottish politicians who helped push for more renewables in Scotland over the time were also interviewed, including former Scotland Environment Minister, Sarah Boyack, and Alex Salmond, former First Minister of Scotland.

One significant little fact did fly off the screen towards the end of the film and is worth repeating in print:

When Scottish Renewables was born, the proportion of Scottish Electricity needs met by renewables was around 8%. Today, at 57%, it is Scotland’s largest source of power

Beautiful story of how quickly transformation to renewable energy came come when there are people around who really want to make it happen.

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