What We Learned Today – The British Isles Has 40% Of All Europe’s Wind According To Fully Charged

If anyone is not familiar with ‘Fully Charged’, it is a weekly web TV series, mostly about Electric Vehicles, presented by comedian Robert Llewellyn, a man best known to the world for playing the robot Kryten in the hit TV sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf.

And what a fabulous piece of work the series has become for everyone who loves the idea of electric cars, bikes, boats and planes.

The series is also quite fascinating in that it is obviously a labour of love for Llewellyn, and is also part funded/sponsored from various corporate sources and also by its own viewers through individual sponsorship via the crowd-funding site Patreon.

One particular episode that has come to our attention is ‘Big Wind’ which, as the title suggest, is all about large-scale wind energy. This edition is a meeting between Llewellyn and Charles Haworth, a wind passionate man who works as the Operations Leader of Onshore Wind for General Electric.

… one of those incredible facts that make you sit up and think …

Brilliant series, and definitely worth watching, if only to hear Llewellyn state one of those incredible facts that make you sit up and think – the British Isles, which takes up just 3.1% of the area of Europe is sat underneath 40% of all the wind resource on the continent.

Who knew?

Well, we do now.

Those wishing to help the wheels of ‘Fully Charged’ keep spinning should visit Robert Llewellyns page on the Patreon site.

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